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Expanding our Dreams

news posted on 23-03-06

A week after release we're looking back at the premiere and what has happened between dream and reality.

Oxygen Dreams went out with a boom and a week later we have 36 texts and 41 users, and by we I mean us, all of us. A community growing and growing and we sure hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. Because the texts submitted to Oxygen Dreams thus far has been nothing but amazing. Personal poems, interesting articles and thrilling short stories. Truely amazing.

On the forums the discussions are going on. Comments on the texts are both informative, constructive and thourough. Great feedback guys! And not to forget, the other forums about Literature and the free Other forum in which you can discuss anything there is to talk about. Hope you enjoy these features as well.

Finally we'd like to thank all of our members for great passion and great support. All your feedback is greatly appriciated! We couldn't possibly imagine this kind of great appreciation and we're thrilled thinking of what the future might bring.

Hope you enjoy the site and thanks for a first great week!

//The staff

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A short story by Baskerville, posted on 22-05-06

Silence. The silence was striking. She had not expected this when she opened the door to the grand mansion whose floors she was treading on. The once so lively corridors were now empty, although that was to make things a lot easier. As unexpected the silence and lack of life was, it was an appropriate atmosphere, she thought. Slowly walking along the marble floor she studied and took in the compli...

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